Refully Performance Racing

Adjustable Propeller Cone For Yamaha 1.8L GP, FXR, FXS, FX SHO 2009+


Made of Billet Aluminum and coated with an anodized finish.Available in either 3° or 5° .custom cone designed to increase the water pressure of the external tunnel in this way by decreasing the rpm of the engine, depending on the variation of the rings that it brings can vary between 150-400 rpm, in some cases it avoids cavitation in the exit . Products Made in china .

Kit Includes

  1. with the base structure, cone, o-ring,
  2. 4 Pcs short bolts, 1 long bolt,
  3. 2 Pcs Allen Keys
  4. 3 pcs spacers in different thickness (3mm, 4mm and 5mm).


YAMAHA FX SHO (2009-2013)

YAMAHA FX SVHO (2014-2018)

YAMAHA FX SVHO (2019-2021)

YAMAHA FZR SHO (2009-2013)

YAMAHA FZS SHO (2009-2013)

YAMAHA FZR SVHO (2014-2016)

YAMAHA FZS SVHO (2014-2016)

YAMAHA GP1800 (2017)

YAMAHA GP 1800 (2018-2020)

YAMAHA GP 1800 (2021-2022)

YAMAHA VXR HO (2014-2021)

YAMAHA VX HO (2014-2021)